Back to School Updates

Summer break is over and it’s time to update the borg.

  • The wrong routine was being called when the borg looked for an item with the earthquake activation. He should look to see if he equipped an item. Instead, he was actually activating the item.
  • the borg was resting on a shop door waiting for recall to engage. I fixed most of these calls last time, but at least one more instance remained. This one was related to a ‘,’ call in borg_think_dungeon().
  • Borg was still thinking about buying a TV_SWORD for the house.
  • The mutation attack of BF_MUT1_SHRIEK had a distance of 10, it should have been 8.
  • Borg was being surrounded by 4 guys, one of which was Bluecoat with an AC of 98. The borg had a to_hit chance of 95 but was not inclinded to attack Bluecoat. I had to fix the formula by removing the 95% cap and allow the swing attempt for summoners/quest/uniques.
  • Added a borg_defend() maneuver for branding of the weapon. The borg already did some weapon branding, but not as a specific defence maneuver.
  • Borg needed to cheat his inventory prior to checking the borg_flow_special_shops. He needed to redefine some of his variables after considering all the permutations of the equipment.
  • Added code for the FEAT_BLDG_HEAD features.
  • Try not to use ShootN’Scoot if fighting a summoner. Scooting just gives them another round with which to summon more guys.
  • Adjusted the danger() calculations so that his % Saves will reduce his fear of certain spells. The Harm spell does 10d15 damage. But if the borg has 75% saves, he should not fear the spell 150 points. At best it ought to be about 50 fear points.
  • The borg was incorrectly adding additional danger points if a monster was faster than him and had spells. Essentially, the spell danger was being added again.
  • Dont use the Bless defense spell if fighting a summoner. We want to use the turn to deliver damage and deny the monster the chance to summon more.
  • Monster Haste spell should not create too much danger().
  • Monsters which can teleport-to do pose some risk to the borg since they can follow him through his teleport. But the fear was at 800, which was way too high. I set the fear equal to the monsters HP.
  • Now he will not teleport-away wimpy mages with only 50 hp.
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