Small Vanilla 341 update

  • I added the enchant scrolls to the list of consumable items. So instead of junking scrolls, he will at least attempt to enchant an item in the inventory/equipment.
  • in borg_lure_position() and borg_flow_kill_1(), which are both related to allowing the borg to move into an anti-summoning corridor, the needed to make sure that two particular grids were not both open floor grids.
  • Added a take->crap to better track the items that need to be dropped onto the floor since k’rush doesn’t work right. Also, crap items will not clear the flow goal.
  • Since flasks of oil are heavy and the borg is much better an scumming stairs, he will not be required to carry so many of them. He will carry from 1-5 flasks, instead of up to 10.
  • Borg_flow_old() needed to very slightly penalize digging so as to prefer walking on floor grids.
  • Improved the calculations for anti-summon spots.
  • Borg had to learn if his level was a Labrynth level and then treat that level in a special way (no shoot-n-scoot maneuver)
  • Tiny clean up for the borg’s unhook and recognizing if a keypress was made.


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