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(Z) Laundry list of changes over the past few weeks.(Z)

Improvements to Trump Spell handling. Improvements to how borg deals with friendly monsters. He is doing defense maneuvers and not resting when a pet is near.  skip friendly or pets when doing monster checks.  and tracking of friendlies Life can … Continue reading

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Borg page has moved to WordPress.

I have not used WP before and I have not been introduced to RSS feeds.  But I heard that WP and RSS work hand in hand.  So to help people follow the Angband Borg more easily, here we go.  If … Continue reading

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April 27, 2011

1) Borg was not branding bolts correctly.  Having them in the quiver was messing up his keypresses.  2) Some crashes with respawning are still showing up.  I’m attempting to track them down.  The fix from 4-24 did not work.  I … Continue reading

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