Angband 320

The borg is an automatic player for the game Angband.   It basically, reads the screen, interprets the information and makes decisions.  It plays the game while you watch.  The borg is quite successful and has even won the game.  I have actively maintained the Angband Borg since 1995. There is a long list of improvements to the borg here. To learn more about Angband, check out the Official Angband Home Page.

This borg runs on the most recent vanilla release version.   I work on the borg often. So check this site often for the latest update.

There are borg commands that can be seen with control-Z ?.  An important one would be control-z v, which will give you the version date  of the borg.

After installing, please make sure your borg.txt file is located in your lib\user directory.


Source Code Download Windows Executable File Windows Screensaver
Source Code Windows Screensaver