Screensaver for V341 updated

There was a couple of problems getting the vanilla 341 screensaver working.  I had to make a couple of changes to the game code.

  1.  Main-win.c in WinMain() about line 5449
  2. Cmd-misc.c in do_cmd_try_borg() about line 109

I’ve tested it in my windows 7 machine and it seems to work now.  Please report any problems.


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One Response to Screensaver for V341 updated

  1. Scott Cokely says:

    Hi Dr. White,

    I’ve got 3.4.1 working on my home UNIX server, using the borg.txt file that came with the distribution. I wanted to run each instance “standalone”, rather than using the “cheat death” option, so I wrote an Expect script to interact with Angband and restart games after the character dies. I’ve decided to do multiple runs of race/class combinations, to see which ones the Borg plays best when running in the “default” mode.

    I had been running some half-elf mages, but they were dying off very quickly. I shifted over to human warrior, starting him off with 18 strength and 17 dexterity. I’ve been watching for the past couple days, and have noticed a few problems:

    1) Getting stuck on one side of a pile of rubble. Last time I saw this, I watched his food supply go from 5 rations down to one before he finally gave up. Around 1/3 of my Borgs are dying from starvation on low levels; is it possibly related to this?
    2) In the early game, the Borg gets hung up trying to pick up Cure Light Wounds potions that he has no room for. Same idea as #1; he churns through rations until he gets down to one, then he gives up. It seems like he’s obsessing for way too long over things like that.
    3) Difficulty using Identify staves/scrolls. As I type this, he’s in town trying to identify a Sling, and he’s unable to get it done. I *think* this eventually gives up too, but it just seems to take thousands of turns.

    Best character so far is a half-elf Paladin, made it to level 28 (died in a trap).

    I haven’t fiddled around with borg.txt at all; I assume that the default values represent “best general use”, and I’d like to run it for a while in that mode. What I’m wondering is whether you’ve fixed this stuff already, and whether you’ve got a more up-to-date Borg that I could try out.


    — scott

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