Trump Tower and depth > 85

  • Add support for the Inn. The borg will buy food if he finds himself there. But the borg does not purposely flow there (yet).
  • Added more shops to the list of ‘mistakenly entered shop’ routine.
  • Borg needed a borg_notice() added before the borg_power() in borg_remove_stuff(). He was missing a few of his borg_skill[] flags because of it lack and it induced some odd equipment changes.
  • Borg might remove his known good bow for a random xbow if he happens to find bolts on the ground and he is out of arrows. Fixed that.
  • Added support for the borg to be able to deliberately flow to the Inn if he is hungry in town.
  • Fixed unhook issue defense maneuver of genocide_nasties.
  • Fixed an infinite loop with trying to remove a cursed ring when trying to wear a new ring.
  • Fixed a loop with the borg trying to flow to a recover grid in town.
  • Fixed a potential loop with the borg trying to flow to a recover grid when a spell caster (like a rogue) had 0 max mana.
  • Retreating into a wall for safety while passwalling needed an adjustment.
  • Borg_surrounded() needed some help with borgs who can use Passwall.
  • Improvement to missing path calculation/estimation in borg_launch_bolt() and borg_launch_bolt_aux()
  • Borg will be more likely to use the Teleport Other spell if he is waiting for recall to engage.
  • The Death spell of Malediction and the MC power of Neural Blast are radius 0 ball effects, not bolts. So sometimes the borg would offset-target the monster knowing that the bolt would hit. But actually, these two spells would miss since they are not bolts. The borg needed to know that for these two spells, no offset-targeting is allowed.
  • Minor fix for some non-eating borgs who got stuck in the Inn.
  • Certain low level borgs with low strength would loop on wielding a weapon.
  • Taught the borg how to use the Trump Tower for recalling and jumping to certain levels.
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  1. MIKE MORRIS says:

    borg 341 version: the compiled game won’t load… I keep getting a “MSVCR110D.dll is missing” error when trying to launch the game. how do I go about getting that patched?

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