April 22, 2015 updates

  • Potential crash from Meteor Swarm calculation fixed.
  • ¬†Adjusted the damage on certain death spells and corrected the mana cost penalty.
  • For some reason, I was thinking the beastman race got a discount at the cure-mutation guy. Evidently not. The borg was getting stuck in a shop loop because he had less that $5k and was trying to fix some mutations.
  • There was a slight keypress hang-up with using Midas Touch. Plus I added a minimum value of 5 to an item since we only get 1/3 back in gold. The money should be worth the mana investment.
  • Borg was missing a mutation activation failure notification. They being with “you’ve failed” but all the spell failure messages begin with “you failed.” Catching these notifications is important in order to flush the keypress queue.
  • Melee-centric guys should avoid casting a bolt on adjacent monsters. (except the incapacitation ones or vamp.)
  • An equipment inscription loop could happen on randarts that the borg tried to crush.
  • Major fix to the way the borg calculates the fail-rate on spells. He was mistakenly thinking that all spells used INT to calculate fail rates. This only became evident when a WIS using spell caster with really low INT tried to cast a spell. The borg believed that he could not do it. That bug has been in place for about 14 years. Wow.
  • Borg got lost in the wilderness when trying to move from town 1 to town 3. He needed help learning how to get back on path.
  • Improvements to how the borg calculates damage and to-hit chances with arrows.
  • Borg will be more likely to enchant his arrows. He used to wait until he was clevel 35.
  • Made Remove Fear a higher priority for the non-NO_MELEE guys.
  • Added the Death spell of Berserk to the list of items granting Remove Fear.
  • I had to add the store doors to the list of ‘dont rest on these grids.’ When he rested on them, he would enter the shop.
  • The specialty shop doors had to be added to the list of special doors in borg_update_map(). FEAT_SHOP_HEAD, FEAT_BLDG_HEAD.
  • borg_target_unknown_wall() needed some help placing ‘wall’ grids on the unknown grid.
  • The borg_position & POSITION_SUMM needed a tiny correction for an outside position floor grid being visable.
  • The ‘recently_worn’ flag was not being reset in the borg_best_stuff_aux(). So the next item in the check was inheriting the flag from the previous item.
  • Increased the offset-attack scan from -1..1 to -2..2 This will help with bolt attacks.
  • Needed to alter borg_danger() so that it considers the fear which one monster imposes on another. Not always fear the monster imposes on the borg. There are times the borg wants to know how much fear/damage will be dealt to him if he steps on a grid, but sometimes, he is curious about how much fear/damage a pet/friendly imposes onto monsters. But the current borg_danger() considers the players attributes and skill set.
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