Pi Day Updates


  • Mass Genocide was unhooking due to bad spell address (wrong realm) located in the defense call.
  • A no_rest_prep count was added to borg_brand_weapon().  He would often cast, then rest to recharge his mana.  During the rest, the branding would expire.
  • A recent change in using BORG_VIEW messed up the targetting code for vault excavation.  Borg_projectable() needed to be put back in there.
  • Added the death spell of Enslave Undead to the list of attacks.
  • Borg was looping a tiny bit on inscribing quest items.  Fixed it by erasing the quest object from the good_obj_xxx[] in borg_item_analyze().
  • The death realm vampirism spells were given a higher reward if the borg had suffered a HP loss.  This is to influence the use of the spell for its healing property.
  • Added Death Realm Orb of Entropy to the list of offset ball spells used in borg_defend_aux_rest().
  • Placed the Death Realm spell of Battle Frenzy before the Berserk spell in defense maneuvers.  BF has haste, while B does not.  It does cost a bit more mana though.
  • The ACT_MAP_LITE timeout was too long to be useful for a light source so it was removed from the list of items granting BI_ALITE.  That will cause the borg to carry a rod of illumination.
  • The borg will carry up to 2 rods of illumination but not more than two.  They are heavy and quick to recharge.
  • Borgs will not crush Rod of Illumination if they have no other source of Call Light.
  • There was some minimal shop-looping with wands and staffs (probably due to the pval).  So the list of recently purchased items will handle wands/staff differently.
  • When in Berserker Mode, the borg wont be able to ‘push past’ pets, so he will not be allowed to flow through them.
  • Improvements to how the borg calculates the value of charming monsters.  The value increases if other monsters are near the to-be-charmed monster.
  • I had to add a couple of pain messages that were missing (“is immune!” and “resists!”) and one kill message (“evaporates!”)
  • GF_DEATH_RAY is virtually harmless to uniques.
  • Added a BI_AGENOCIDE and will use to when deciding whether or not to flee the level due to out-numbered nasties.
  • Reordered the use of death realm mass genocide and omnicide.
  • Mass genocide and omnicide will also remove all regional fear after they are cast. Regional fear is induced from non-seen monsters and they would have been killed by the use of the spell.
  • Before casting Mass Genocide, borg will make sure he has a recent Detect Evil cast or at least ESP.  This way he will have a better idea of how many monsters are going to be affected, and thereby correctly estimate the amount of damage he will take.
  • Added more support for the death realm and use of Esoteria.
  • Vampiric drain spell will be given a higher reward if the borg is hungry or weak since it provides nutrition.  It also counts as BI_AFOOD.
  • I reduced some of the swap armor bonuses that relate to damage calculation.  Those values tended to skew the results and make carrying a heavy swap armor a good idea.
  • The 3 invulnerability spells change the colors of the items and monsters (white and dark grey) so the borg should ignore the color change when examining the screen for new objects in observe_take_move().
  • Added support for being stuck in a wall at the end of Wraith_form and how to manage that.  borg_flow_passwall()
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