March 2017 Zborg Update

  •  Starving vamp borgs are now allowed to eat a pet.
  •  Starving Vamp who can summon a pet to eat, should do so.
  •  Starving borgs will skip the borg_defend(), since it might teleport away a meal.  At a minimum it is consuming a round of energy.
  •  Borg will disengage the munchkin mode and not stair scum if he is on a quest level.  He can’t power dive past it, and he wouldn’t remain on the level long enough to kill the quest monsters.
  •  A borg with DimDoor, and in munchkin mode, will  jump to a stair.  This saves him several game turns since he is jumping to stairs which might be out of leash range.
  •  Trump Activation (teleport) was calling on inventory slots instead of equipment slots.
  •  The game will sometimes not show the inscription on an item with a long name.  Consequently, the borg may not find the inscription and may loop trying to create one.  So the inscription will be cheated into items.
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