September 2016 Zborg

Update for the Zangband borg.  I’ve been running Vampire Mindcrafters and they seem very capable within the borg’s limited dynamics.  There were some fixes to how the borg handles, radius-0 ball spells

  • Borg was still (rarely) missing the target using the offset technique.  The borg will now skip the offset attacks if it yields the same damage as a direct hit.
  • The Mindcrafter Pulverise spell has a radius 0 effect at low level and should not be offset.  It had been calculated as a beam/bolt.
  • While in Munchkin Mode, the borg might find himself off the stairs by 4 or 5 grids.  If he encounters a monster so far from the stairs, he tends to stand his ground and fight instead of racing for the safety of the stairs.  Usually he is encumbered and slow while in this situation.  But if he is not encumbered, he might do better to race for the stairs, so I added an encumbrance check.  (borg_think_dungeon_munchkin())
  • Psychic Drain is a radius 0 ball effect.  Borg kept thinking it was a bolt.
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