Lots of Zborg updates

Borg was over estimating his success rate on certain racial activations.

Borg needed to know that discounts don’t merge in the stores.

Improvements to using Telekinetic Wave while in a vault.  Borg uses it as a technique for teleport away.

Improvement to how the borg calculates monsters moving over z-terrains.

After Amnesia induced from ‘horrible visions’ borg needed to forget the map and regions that were magic mapped.

Mana penalty was too great for dipping into reserve mana.

After Wiz_lite, unknown grids are converted into dark floor grids.

Borg was miscalculating the bonus for +damage on weapons.  In 240 combat style.  It has a relatively small effect.

Reduced the penalty for using Cold and Sound spells near potions on the ground.  Only desirable potions have a penalty.

Jump into pit for mindcrafters. This will use DimDoor to jump into a pit or a spot where there are lots of monsters within LOS. He can then use Mind Wave on the entire throng.

Needed to make sure an object was seen recently before he flows to it. He was bouncing a bit on a grid trying to pick up an object which had been deleted.

Orb of Draining on nonID items to destroy the cursed ones.

Added support for carrying Pot of Resistance.

New Flow_glyph added, which will create a sea of runes.  The Sea of Runes is when the character builds an array of 24 glyphs around him. This prevents summoners from summoning monsters on top of the borg. He can then use Teleport Away on a monster which approaches the Sea. The Sea is being built correctly, but it is designed to be used when Morgoth is seen. I have not had any zborgs make it that deep yet, so the other support functions are written yet. I will adapt the routine to work with Oberon and the Serpent, once I get a borg that deep.

Borg can visit the Chaos Tower to fix mutations.

Mutation of Resistance supported for activation and counts towards inventory.

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One Response to Lots of Zborg updates

  1. Tom Scanlan says:

    I’ve got a patchfile for the vanilla angband 3.2.0. It is the changes in your zip file against the base angband 3.2.0 as found on the “Angband 3.2.0” page a few days ago. It eases assimilation for us linux guys. Email me and I’ll send it to you. I’ll do the same for 3.3.0 if you let me know when you say you’ve got a working borg for that version.

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